Importance of shoe cabinet with doors as explained by vastu consultant in Kolkata!

There are many units in the home and office spaces that must be considered by Best vastu consultant in Kolkata while doing a complete evaluation of the property. 

This certainly includes the main gate, bedroom, temple, kitchen and bathroom etc. but it also includes the mobile units like shoe rack and dustbin etc. Yes! These also contributes towards building the overall vastu of the property. 

In the market several types of shoe racks and cabinets are available in every color. Before you pick one based on its looks, you should read this blog from start to end. We are discussing the need of using shoe cabinet with doors. We will also discuss the right color for it, which will construct good vastu of the property. 

At first, we are going to see the right and wrong zones for shoe rack as discussed by Best vastu consultant in Kolkata. This will help you make the best decision for your needs. 

What are the positive zones for shoe cabinet in vastu?

There are 3 out of 16 zones that are considered good for shoe rack placement. These are east of south east (representing churning), west of north west (representing depression) and south of south west (representing disposal) zones. You can also use the north west as the 4th option as it does very little problem and can be easily fixed as well. 

The other zones must not be used for shoe rack randomly. The north east, south east, south west and Brahmasthan must be avoided at all cost for shoe rack since they cause major defect in vastu. unless there are no alternative, you should refrain from using them altogether. If it is unavoidable totally, then seek guidance from Best vastu consultant in Kolkata to learn about its remedy. 

The reason we are discussing the zones for shoe rack placement is because of its role in determining the right colors for it. You see there are 5 elements of Panchatatva and each of the zones represent one of the elements.  

Suppose your shoe rack lies in the east zone, it can cause hindrance is forming good social contacts. You can shift it to the east of south east zone as correction. But if not possible, then you should use brown colored shoe cabinet with shoe as alternative remedy. The brown and green colors are the positive colors for eastern side of the vastu as it represents the wood or air element. 

Likewise, if the shoe rack defect rises due to its placement in the northwest zones, then you need to use grey colored shoe cabinet with doors. The color guidelines vary for each zone and Best vastu consultant in Kolkata can guide you to make the best choice after evaluating your floor plan design. 

What is the benefit of using shoe cabinet with doors?

Now that we have seen the right and wrong zones for shoe cabinet, it is now time to see the need for using a shoe rack with doors. Certainly, you must have seen shoe cabinet with doors in local and online stores. It is a great option for your office and home uses, says vastuvid.

Shoes are everyday use items that we rely on for both indoors and outdoors need. The outdoor shoes are especially filled with dirt, dust and debris from the surrounding. This is why its proper cleaning routinely is a necessity. 

But doing so is not an easy task. Due to fatigue and busy schedule, doing it on a everyday basis becomes impossible. So, we are forced to share the same premises with dirty shoes. Even if you keep them in a designated shoe rack, the accumulated dirt underneath the shoe generates bad smell around itself. As a result, eventually it begins to channel negative energy. 

This is why Best vastu consultant in Kolkata recommends using a shoe rack with doors. The doors act as a barrier that prevents mixing up of energies of the shoes and the surrounding outside. This simple tip can sometimes act as a remedy to correct minor defect of shoe rack defects in negative zones.   

It has yet another advantage in terms of aesthetics. Suppose there is not much space present in the exteriors of the home, then you are forced to keep it inside the premises only which usually happens to be the dining or living area. Having an open shoe rack makes it an unpleasant addition in any property interiors. 

Using a shoe cabinet with doors is an excellent solution for it, rightly says Best vastu consultant in Kolkata. It makes the presence of shoes near eating or sitting area much bearable and less bothersome. You can even invest in a fancy shoe cabinet with attractive design over it for adding style and elegance. 

Also, in office and home settings, you can convert your shoe cabinet into an additional sitting area by placing a cushion upon it. It comes handy to wear and take off shoes with much convenience. All, in all, it is a good idea to invest in a shoe rack with doors for its vastu and overall interiors. 

For additional vastu benefit, consider keeping a handful of vastu salt in a bowl or piece of cloth and keep it near the shoe rack to draw negative energy from it. Don’t forget to throw away this salt after evert 7 days and replace it with fresh batch of salt for its proper function. 

You should also keep a snake plant near the shoe rack to attract positive energy towards it along with blending an element of green into this space. Using an air freshener from time to time is also a great way to combat the bad smell that can otherwise emit from the shoe rack. 

To know more about the guidelines to make the entire home and office space vastu complaint you should get in touch with the expert Best vastu consultant in Kolkata of Vaastu Mangaal. We are a leading vastu agency in Kolkata that offers our services for clients all over India.  Description- As per Best vastu consultant in Kolkata the usage of shoe cabinet with doors for better vastu of the entire property. Let us see why.

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