Comprehensive Guide: US Visa for Danish Citizens

The United States, with its diverse landscapes, iconic landmarks, and cultural attractions, is a sought-after destination for travelers worldwide, including citizens of Denmark. If you’re a Danish citizen planning a trip to the US, understanding the visa requirements is essential. This guide aims to provide all the necessary information for US VISA FOR DANISH CITIZENS seeking to obtain a visa for the United States.

Does Denmark Require a Visa for the US?

As of the latest update, Danish citizens are eligible to travel to the United States under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP), which allows citizens of participating countries to travel to the US for tourism or business purposes for stays of up to 90 days without obtaining a visa. However, certain conditions apply, and it’s important to verify the current requirements before planning your trip.

Visa Waiver Program (VWP)

Eligibility and Requirements

  • Purpose: Tourism or business.
  • Duration: Up to 90 days per visit.
  • Requirements:
    • Danish passport valid for at least six months beyond the intended period of stay.
    • Authorization through the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA).
    • Return or onward ticket.
    • Proof of sufficient funds to cover expenses during the stay.
    • No previous visa ineligibilities.

ESTA Application Process

  1. Online Application: Visit the official ESTA website.
  2. Form Completion: Fill out the required information, including personal details and travel itinerary.
  3. Fee Payment: Pay the ESTA processing fee (USD 14).
  4. Authorization: Most ESTA applications are processed and approved within minutes. You’ll receive an email confirmation once approved.

Visitor Visa (B-1/B-2 Visa)

Eligibility and Requirements

If you are ineligible for the Visa Waiver Program or plan to stay in the US for longer than 90 days, you may need to apply for a Visitor Visa (B-1/B-2 Visa). The eligibility criteria and requirements include:

  • Purpose: Tourism, business, medical treatment, or other temporary visits.
  • Duration: Determined by the visa officer, typically up to six months per visit.
  • Requirements:
    • Completed DS-160 visa application form.
    • Valid Danish passport.
    • Passport-size photographs.
    • Proof of ties to Denmark.
    • Proof of sufficient funds to cover expenses during the stay.
    • Evidence of the purpose of the visit.

Application Process

  1. Application Form: Complete the DS-160 visa application form online.
  2. Document Submission: Gather all required documents and schedule a visa interview at the nearest US Embassy or Consulate.
  3. Interview: Attend the visa interview and provide biometric information if requested.
  4. Fee Payment: Pay the non-refundable visa application fee (USD 160).
  5. Processing Time: Wait for your visa application to be processed. Processing times vary based on location and time of year.

Tips for a Successful Application

  1. Plan Ahead: Apply for your ESTA or Visitor Visa well in advance of your planned travel date to account for processing times.
  2. Provide Accurate Information: Ensure all information provided on your application is accurate and up-to-date.
  3. Prepare Supporting Documents: Gather all necessary supporting documents, such as proof of funds and a travel itinerary.
  4. Follow Instructions: Adhere to all instructions provided by the US Embassy or Consulate and the visa application center.
  5. Stay Informed: Regularly check for updates on visa requirements and regulations.


Whether you’re planning a leisurely vacation, a business trip, or a cultural exchange in the United States, understanding the visa requirements and navigating the application process effectively is US ESTA APPLICATION FORM. By following the guidelines outlined in this guide, Danish travelers can embark on their US journey with confidence, ready to explore all that this diverse and dynamic country has to offer.

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